Retired Men's Club of Cape Cod



President Dick Coughlin
Vice President Charlie Jones
Co-Secretary John Lynch
Co-Secretary Jack Keating
Treasurer Jack Hudson
Asst. Treasurer Lou Ferreira


Tom F. Murphy Dick Coughlin
Brian O'Toole Jack Hudson
George Cappola Lou Ferreira
Ken Lyman John Lynch
Gary Merton, Mitch McLaughlin
Charlie Jones Jack Keating


Webmaster Liaison Jack Hudson
Membership Ken Lyman, Chairperson
Jack Keating, Asst.Chair
Buzz Barry, Fred Petti, Paul Genoa,  Walt Kangas, Hartley Johnson, Tom Calise, Jack Coughlin, Ron Perrier, Ken Roy, Charlie Wells, Bruce Scott, Paul DeSisto, Dick Donovan
Program Brian O'Toole,Chairperson
Apparel Steve Krintzman
Golf Charlie Jones, Chairperson
Dennis Toland, Secretary Paul Griffin, Treasurer
Paul DeSisto, Handicaps
Joe Bioty, Scoring
Rene Guenette, Tony Chiarelli,  Dan Penni, Chic Merchant, Bob Greiss, EVENT CAPTAINS
Bowling Jack Puleo, Chairperson
Tom Hickey, Treasurer, Bill McElhaney, Asst. Treasurer
George Cappola, Ron Perrier (Check-in crew)
Wayne Newcomer, Bill Zellar 50-50
Special Events

Gary Merton   Chairperson
  Jack Puleo, Buzz Barry, Ernie Oliveira

Refreshments Ken Young, Chairperson
Joe Callahan, Jim Moynahan
Bylaws Tom F. Murphy, Chairperson
Sunshine Uke Piedra, Chairperson
Newsletter John Lynch, Editor
Jack Hudson, Asst. Editor
SNAIL MAIL: Ron McPhee, Chairperson
Raffle Ron McPhee, Chairperson
Jim Flaherty
Membership Booklet Jack Hudson, Lou Ferreira, Chairperson
Auditor George Cappola
Parliamentarian George Cappola


2006   Norm Thornton
2007   Warren Brimblecom
2008   Sal Mazzarini
2009   Frank Melanson
2010   Gene Bankowski
2011   Charles "Skip" Polio
2012   Jack Puleo
2013   Paul Griffin
2014   Steve Swidler

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