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Thankfully, we just finished the month of March with all of the inclement weather we have had. March also has other significance since our club was founded in March 1952, which makes us 66 years old. Our founders began the club with only 37 charter members and there were two meetings each month. The principle activity back then was "The Retired Men’s Club Chorus" who performed throughout the area for many years. A brief history is included at the back of your 2018 Membership & Bylaws booklet. During that time, we have had 38 presidents who have guided our club and served it well. Unfortunately, in the past two months we have lost two of our past presidents. Ed Eckland passed away on February 2nd at the age of 89 and Frank Melanson passed away on March 14th at the age of 88. They will both be greatly missed and we thank them for all the contributions that they have made to our club. rd. A full listing and a sign-up sheet have been sent out and are included in this newsletter. At the same time, we are entering the last full month of bowling. Many of our bowlers will be returning from Florida and competition will be high as we finish the season. rd and information is included in the newsletter. As al-ways, our social activities include spouses and/or significant others and I hope that you’ll consider signing up for this new and interesting outing.  
Everyone must be pleased that spring has come and hopefully we have seen the end of snow and stormy weather. All of the golf courses will be preparing to open giving us plenty of opportunity to play.
The Golf Committee has been diligently working and has put together a great selection of five courses that you will all enjoy beginning on April 23.
Brian O’Toole has scheduled Cape Cod Health Care for our April meeting to discuss the importance of advance healthcare decision-making, as we get older, so that our choices can be honored throughout our life.
Gary Merton put together an evening celebrating the Irish at the Loft Restaurant & Bar at the Cove Resort in March. Gary tells me that although they only had 21 eager souls venture out after the big snowstorm, everyone thor-oughly enjoyed themselves. Great food, great music, and a lot of camaraderie permeated the night. Gary has been working hard to put together a Boston Duck Tour on May 3
We have been looking for a member to take over as Chairman of the Sunshine Committee. Uke Piedra is stepping down after writing get well and condolence notes on behalf of the club for the last six years. I am happy to report that one of our new Executive Committee members has agreed to take on this task. Tom F. Murphy will be taking over the responsibilities for the Sunshine Committee. I thank Tom for stepping up to the plate on this endeavor and helping out the club. Many thanks Tom.
In case you missed the March newsletter, I thought I would briefly recap how I plan to conclude each month’s President’s Letter. Each President has their own trademark as part of our monthly newsletter. I don’t have a particular specialty so I thought it might be appropriate to end my monthly message with a meaningful thought and hopefully leave you with something to think about for the next month. As we get older our perspectives on life change. The following is a quote from Ann Landers that gives some meaning to the changes in our life:
"At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At age 40, we don’t care what they think of us. At age 60, we discover they haven’t been thinking of us at all."


Dick Coughlin


APRIL  12, 2018
Meetings are the second Thursday of each month (except during December, July & August) at the Dennis Senior Center, 1045 Rt. 134, East Dennis at 1:30 PM. (The Executive Committee meets at 12:00.)

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